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Skin Tags And Moles Removal in Portland, Oregon

Skin Tags, pieces of extra skin decorating the neck, under-ams and other areas of the skin of many of us.

If you would like to remove them, Max Grishkevich, MD, can remove them easily. Most moles and skin tags are no threat to your health and need not be removed. However if you want to enhance beauty of your face or body, skin tags, moles can be removed without difficulty or downtime.

Skin tags are typically flesh-colored or may appear brown in light-skinned individuals. They may be smooth or wrinkled and range in size from very tiny (1 mm) to approximately the size of a grape. Although it is usually possible to recognize a stalk that attaches the skin tag to the underlying skin, very small skin tags may appear as raised bumps on the skin.

If a skin tag is twisted on its blood supply it may turn red or black. Skin tags may bleed if caught on clothing or are otherwise torn. Skin tags are not typically painful and are not associated with any particular skin conditions or symptoms. However, people who are prone to diabetes and have a skin condition called acanthosis nigricans often have associated skin tags, suggesting that factors which make one prone to diabetes may be operative in the development of skin tags.

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